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Legal cell - Overseas Indians' Legal Division

LawyersIndia is a part of 'Legal cell Legal Division'. Legal cell started in 1996, conducting legal research, analysis and legal outsourcing for individuals and organizations internationally, who need to supplement their cause of action for the betterment of society. Please visit the Legal here

'Reparation Law - International Law Division:

Reparation co-operates with NGO's and civil society working groups around the world including the United Nations' Human Rights Programmes and the State Department for Human Rights, United States, by providing credible reports on the serious Human Rights concerns that remain in countries. We further emphasizes legal support of the merits and means of victim reparations under international law. Please visit our International Law Division here

Lawyers India Team

The Lawyers India is a multidisciplinary, profit-sharing team of Legal, Technology and Management professionals. They are backed by a team of US-based attorneys, and all deliverables are routed through them for ensuring compliance with the accepted norms of quality and standard.

The legal team we engage are regular legal practitioners in the Supreme Court of India and the High Courts, who deal in various litigation areas, it includes Business Law, Real Estate Law, Criminal Law, Insurance Law, Legal and Medical malpractice, Environmental Law, Narcotics and Drugs Law, Constitutional Law, Labor Law and Motor Accident claims,
Interstate Water Disputes, Oil and Natural Gas, Patent law, Human Rights and International Arbitrations.

The combined experience of our technical team measures over 80 professional years. These relate to senior positions in government and top-of-the-line Indian corporate organizations. Our legal associates at 'Lawyers India' are screened and selected by our senior lead lawyers, based on proficiency in the English language, computer literacy and awareness of the standards and demands of US clients. ... Full Text

MintValley - Integrating Strategy with Design & Technology

MintValley E-services & Web Consulting offers a unique combination of e-business strategy, creative web design and Web CMS application expertise when developing feature-rich website solutions for our clientele. We have perfected a proven methodology that has helped us successfully deploy hundreds of business websites for organizations worldwide since 1999.

MintValley is a promoter of, Legal, Decree Holder, and many other legal, tourism and commercial web portals that have been consistent players in today's highly competent global Internet market. 

MintValley E-Services & Web Consulting division consists the following:

* UK Infotech

* Web 2.0 Industry

* TLD Bank

Social Media Networks


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